Men Love Me

I don’t know what it is, but ever since I was pretty young I have had men falling over themselves to date me. It does not matter if I am at outcall London escorts or in a department store lift, it seems that I have the ability to attract men. It has been one of the gifts that I have always enjoyed at London escorts. I don’t want to brag, but out of all the girls at our London escorts service, I am one of the busiest girls.

One of the girls who is new to our company asked me how I do it. I am not sure really but you have to be prepared to share of yourself as I like to say. There are a couple of things that I do which is different from most ladies i work with. For instance, I always look straight into a man’s eyes and I guess that many men like that. It makes them feel special and like you only have eyes for them.

Also, I don’t dress like other London escorts. If you are looking for a slutty London escort, that is not me. I like to give London escorts a bit of class as I think that many of the gents who use London escorts on a regular basis have come to expect that from me. Other girls that in work with at London escorts can be as slutty as they like, but if you want to stand out in a crowd, having your own take on dating really pays off.

I am rather different from the rest of the girls who work for London escorts when I am not at the agency. They love to go on their sunny and boozy holidays but that is not for me. I love nothing better than to hop on a top class cruise ship and sail of somewhere. Most of the time I am lucky enough to bump into some rich guy and I enjoy spending time on his company. I guess that surprise many that I like to spend time with men even when I am not at London escorts. Most of the girls seem to be happy getting drunk and in their own company, but I feel a bit lost when I am not with a man.

Not only that, but I think that many of the girls who are new to London escorts are a bit too tough. I like to show my feminine side and a lot of men do appreciate that about me. So many girls forget to be truly feminine these days, so coming across a girl who does not let it worry her, maybe a surprise. It is almost like some of the men that I date at London escorts can sense my vulnerability and like to take care of me. Is that a bad thing? No, I think it is perfectly okay. A vulnerability is something that can be very sexy if you can be genuine about it.

He hates my handcuffs

I love using handcuffs when I have sex, but my boyfriend really hates it. Let’s be honest, we all have different tastes and I am sure that there are guys out there who are into handcuffs as much as I am. Many of the gents that I date at London escorts have different fetishes as well, and like to tell me all about them. One of the girls that I duo date with has a fetish about vaseline and loves the sound it makes when you stick you finger into it. I am not sure that it is my sort of thing but it clearly suits.

Ever since I have been with London escorts, I have really learned how to appreciate how many different fetishes there are. I date this one gent at London escorts who likes to sit around and drink one in a pink skirt. He is not bisexual or anything like that, he just has a thing about his pink skirt. Most of the time, I find it hard to keep the giggles at bay, but I suppose that such is life. We all have our different quirks and that is fine. But a pink skirt…

I also date another funny guy at escorts in London. He collects porn movies and likes to meet up with us girls at escorts in London to watch them. I don’t know where this secret desire has come from, but he seems to ravel in it. One of the girls that I work with at the agency have been to his home, and she says that he has thousands of porn movies. If that is what makes him happy and turns him on, it is fine with me. But, I must say that I do not like amatuer porn movies at all.

Do we share stories at escorts in London? Not all of the time, but we do have a laugh about our more exotic gents. If you did not do that, working for London escorts could quickly get on top of you. I am sure that it is just a release valve really, and most of the girls here at the agency are happy to accept their gents. I know that many girls at the agency are just as kinky as the gents that we date, so it does not worry me at all.

Sometimes, I think that it would be fun to write a book about London escorts and some of the gents that we date. They are a real laugh, and many of them make my day. Lots of people still think that London escorts are sex workers, but that is not true at all. The truth is that many of the gents that I meet at London escorts are just lonely guys looking for a sexy companion. After all, that is what dating a London escort is all about. We may look like little sex kittens, but we do not offer sexual services, just sexy company. If you are interested, please give us a call.