Fetishistic Disorder: Is It Treatable?

People are into different sexual moves and actions. Everyone has something that turns them on. Some are turned on by more traditional things while others have unique interests and takes on sex. Some people even have fetishes which are fine. The problem is when the fetish becomes a disorder. Fetishistic disorder is when a person has to use nonliving objects of parts of the body in order to feel sexually satisfied. If a person is not able to control this condition, they can get into a lot of trouble.

Fetishism Disorder

Some of the more common items that are used in fetishistic disorder including the need of women’s undergarments to become turned on. A person may also have a thing for non sex related body parts such as hair or feet. They may need to hold the item, rub it, insert it into various parts of the body, and even smelling it. This condition affects mostly women.


There are some symptoms a person should be aware of for Fetishism disorder. If the need the same items to become aroused for a person of at least six months this is more than just a passing interest. If the urges for this item cause behaviors that affect their social or work life than this disorder can become a real problem. If a man is interested in female clothing and engages in cross dressing, then he may have a disorder.


If a person’s fetish is becoming a disorder they need to seek treatment for fetishistic disorder. They may only engage in this behavior in an environment that is controlled. For example, if a man likes to dress in women’s clothing he may only do so in the privacy of his bedroom and not go out into public dressed in this manner. A person may also stop this behavior and go into full remission. This is for people who are seeing negative effects to their social or professional life. They need to go at least 5 years without engaging in this activity to be considered to be in full remission. In most cases a person will need the assistance of a clinician that is trained in fetishistic disorder.

Fetishistic disorder can affect the way that a person lives their life. When their sexual fetish is taking over their life a person should seek treatment to help them with this disorder and get their life back on track.

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